We believe all artisans should receive a fair price for their work.

Mexico is extremely rich when it comes to culture, food and art, especially the Southern state of Oaxaca. There are many communities here each known for their specific type of handcrafts, still made in a traditional way.

Have you seen the Disney movie ‘Coco’? The inspiration for the dog Dante in this movie came from the village of San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca, where people make handcarved wooden figures, called alebrijes.

Did you know Oaxaca has various archeological sites? In Santa María Atzompa, the indigenous zapotecos were known for their stunning clay pottery. A thousand years later, Paty Gaytan and her family still use the same type of stone oven as was discovered at the historical site to produce vases, mugs, pots, known as barro rojo or red pottery.


We believe all artisans should receive a fair price for their work. The way we achieve this is by collaborating directly with them and respecting the pricing they set for each item. On this site, you will find the various artpieces our Oaxacan artisans have to offer you.

Our values explained

Fair price for artisans.

We work directly with the families behind these artpieces and ensure they receive a fair price for their work. This way, we respect their labor and do so with the highest professional ethics.

Traditions stay alive

Generation upon generation passed down the teachings of handwork. By supporting their work, we help keeping it a part of their culture and family.

You learn

We want to tell you a story — how the items are being made, what their process consists of, by who they are made. This way, we express our gratitude to the families making them and recognize the skillset required to ensure you receive a unique and special item.

We invite you...

... to further explore this site, learn about the different collections and the families behind them. There is a wide variety of items to choose from. You will certainly find something that will bring you joy and make you feel like you have a small part of Oaxaca in your posession.

With this project, our vision is to make these artpieces more accessible and known throughout the world.

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